About us

Baseline Systems has been around for over 15 years. It was first setup to sell and service computer systems. Training was then added to this a bit later. It has since moved on from this. We still sell/service the odd computer system and do a bit of training. We have also done the old bit of business consulting. But in recent years its main focus has been writing customised database programs in Access.


Here are some of the Programs we have written for customers:

  • A manufacturing scheduling program
  • A manufacturing job allocation program
  • A Behavioural Management system
  • Members Database Management system with email support – can email all or some of the members selected by user
  • A Team Draw system – assigns teams to play each other only once and keeps record of scores.


We have also developed a couple of web sites.


In 2006 a Science Technician (Sondra) convinced me (James) to write a program that would produce safety labels for chemical bottles. From this HCL (Hazardous Chemical Labeller) was written. It has gone through a few upgrades since it first came out. We have been selling HCL for over 7 years.

We have sold HCL to over 200 secondary schools in New Zealand and a few overseas schools.


Baseline Systems is owned and operated by James Harrison and Sondra Harrison (the Science Technician).

At the present we operate it on a part time basis so please be patient with us as we answer your questions. 


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